Living Rooms

Day system

system is defined by a special 45° chamfered edge on the door and carcase, creating the perfect volume.


system allows the creation of a compositional rhythm in the base units featuring Linea tops available in a veneered Eucalipto chiaro finish.

Captivating shapes

The shelf is an element that functions as a divider between the pure volumes of the wall units when fixed to the wall, but can also be used singularly, making the most of the highly resistant concealed shelf bracket.

Space Optimization

instilling in every composition an added touch of prestige.

Why choose StudioMerkmann 

No matter what your design needs are, we can create a custom solution that's perfect for you.

Precision Craftsmanship

At Studiomerkmann, quality is our top priority. I combine years of experience with modern production methods to create the perfect kitchen for our customers.

Innovation Designs

If you're looking for a kitchen that is both stylish and functional, Studiomerkmann is the perfect choice for you.

Ahead of the Times

We pride ourselves on our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, so you can rest assured that your new kitchen will be both beautiful and durable.

Unique Pieces in Space

The idea of connected cabinets and functional interiors defined the forerunner of later fitted kitchens

The German Craftsman

innovation, design, and sophistication
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